Yet two more books upcoming from Peter.

One on Baseball. From Amazon

it’s opening day at the ballpark, and Thumby Duckling is nervous. He hopes it won’t be one, two, three strikes, he’s out! Trailing by three in the bottom of the ninth, the Webbies are counting on Thumby to save the day. Can Thumby shake his jitters and show his team that he’s a star player?

A nice review in School Library Journal

This  note from Peter  in Speak Up:

“May I speak up about the subject of me? At one time, in bad taste; now de rigueur. Anyway, today is pub date for my first picture book. It’s called Quacky Baseball and the illustrations are terrific. I can say that with no conscience pang, because I didn’t do them. Frank Morrison did, and he’s great. It’s published by Harper Childrens.

Book 4 in the Chet and Bernie series (written under my pen name, Spencer Quinn), The Dog Who Knew Too Much, comes out Sept. 6 (Atria).

I’ll also have a new middle-grade series starting next year for Philomel. Book one is Robbie Forester and the Outlaws of Sherwood Street. It’s about a 12-year-old Robin Hood in contemporary Brooklyn.”

Frank Morrison, the illustrator is a whole separate read!

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