This just in from Pat Coleman at Here is their Facebook page. Can we do something like this?

As Pat describes it: “it’s a combination of stories about D3 we’re reading on other sites, random posts and links to our own stuff. Creates a little more community feeling, I think”.

Thanks, Pat! Readers check out the site. Williams is the lede!

Yesterdays’ article in the NYT seems to describe me! Not as that smart, connected young person seeking conversation instanter with a group of like-minded associates, but as that old fart sitting at a Smith-Corona wondering where he can get a new ribbon when the current one wears out,

Facebook and Twitter: The probable key to student participation and reaching younger alums on EphBlog. If we want EphBlog to be the Williams Conversation then we must provide those corners of the room in addition to the blog itself where conversations take place.

Click on the symbols on the upper right and take a look at what our corners look like now … yes, a straight chair with a pile of identical handouts except for the headlines.

Maybe the corners could have a little more comfortable furnishings including some inviting images and a person calling out “Have you seen this? I’m going to give that Dave Kane a piece of my mind. What do you think?”

‘My hour of need’. Why do I keep thinking of The God Father? I’ll tell you why! Its’ because I am an old guy in my hour of need.

Hey, help me out here! Give me some thoughts! Maybe a hand to get something started.
I don’t want to sleep with the fishes.

I am dick(at)swart(dot)org waiting to hear from you!

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