… and given the well-known Trinity, and Krens, and The Art Mafia, and inspired directors including the Class of 1956 endowed position, probably no surprise.

From OnlineCollege.org:

Most people realize that colleges typically offer research facilities, libraries, and athletic resources. But what may not be obvious is the incredible collections that many colleges house in their museums. From archeology to art, these college museums are worth a visit.

Williams College Museum of Art: Once the college’s library, the Williams College Museum of Art has more than 13,000 works spanning the history of art. In this collection, you’ll find artwork that represents a broad range of time periods and cultures, plus additional works of art in loan exhibitions. The Williams College Museum of Art is completely free to visit.

With the recognition of the museum, the reputations of the faculty, the accomplishments of the graduates in the major, why is the picture at the top not of a more grand view?

It is in fact the 155 sq ft McNichol Gallery. So much has been lovingly written on the Trinity. As an art history major ’56, I had Stoddard, and Faison, and Pierson. I also had classes with the singular God Head of Amherst, Frank Trapp, who was at Williams before making the trek over the Berkshires.

Steve McNichol was the man behind the projector bank, showing the slides, keeping pace with the lectures, administering those timed series of slides to be ID’d and of comparisons to be made. Steve was as much a part of the department and as familiar to the students as the teaching staff. And subject to the cries of “Steve, leave it up just a few more seconds”. I was very glad to see the recognition made in this named gallery of someone who contributed to the lore of the art history program at Williams.

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