EphBlog recently received a short note from Andrew Wang ’08:

Just wanted to let you know that I’m currently sitting in on a very interesting panel discussion at Harvard Law School (where I’m currently a second-year student) discussing the Obama administration’s national security policy. Of interest is that one of the main speakers is Jameel Jaffer, a Williams graduate (not sure of class year, but he was born in 1971, so I presume he graduated in 1993 or thereabouts). He graduated from HLS, is a distinguished constitutional and civil liberties lawyer, and currently heads the ACLU’s national security program. I won’t bother getting into the details of the discussion itself, but I thought Ephblog might want to do a brief shout out to Mr. Jaffer and perhaps even include a brief profile of him (his accomplishments in the legal profession are very impressive).

Jaffer is Class of ’94. There have been  posts previously about him written by Jeffz (here, here, and here, for example). Regardless of whether you like the legal/policy positions he has taken, there is no doubt that is (a) one of the most prominent Eph lawyers from the 1990’s, and (b) a very accomplished litigator.

I wonder if Jaffer has faced off against any fellow Ephs in his ACLU National Security Project cases.

It would be great if Andrew had the time to post some of the details of the discussion, which I’m sure many EphBlog readers (including me) would find very interesting.

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