You read it at EphBlog first! Who is Susan Boyle? Ask Youtube.

To clarify: I don’t know if this is true. Help me out, anonymous sources! But I would certainly bet that it is true, given the information in this WSO thread:

1) Two Williams students have independently (?) reported the rumor.

2) Will Slack ’11 was on the committee (I forget which one) which picks the honorary degree winners and speakers. He also started Boyle’s Wikipedia page.

Given these facts, what odds would you give on Boyle?

On the substance:

1) I dislike any Commencement Speaker who is not an Eph. So, I dislike this choice.

2) I am surprised at how negative the reaction is at WSO.

If Susan Boyle is our graduation speaker, I will cry. Seriously Williams College?

That was from Emily Spine, a long lost author at EphBlog. Come back Emily! We miss you.

Hey guys, this is Williams, what did you expect? I’m over being angry about it, I just have …

*lowered expectations*

I would have expected students to be more supportive of a pop-cultural choice.

Read the whole WSO thread. It is quite clever, at least if you are a Wikipedia geek like me.

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