As reported on the Williams Athletic site, it was many years ago (funny, it doesn’t seem that long ago) that an Eph team was in a national tourney – the NCAA.

I mention this as a part of background and color to this weekend!

Tony Moro ’55 and Ron Wilson ’55 were the stars along with Bob Buss ’56. There was one loss, a heart-breaker to Amherst.

This reminiscence from Tony Moro in January 2008:

… memories of when Amherst stopped our 1955 undefeated record by beating us on their home court. The defeat was largely my responsibility.

A couple of days before the game I had been horsing around with Marco in the TDX living
room before lunch and managed to badly sprain two fingers in my right hand.

This did not enhance my shooting performance that evening and we ended up
kissing off our 14-game streak of wins. On the last day of our season we
got a measure of revenge and beat Amherst on our home court, which was
satifying, but did nothing to regain for us the undefeated season.

As a footnote, I also had horsed around with Marco and ended up with a broken wrist and a cast in a peculiar position which made it difficult to dress for dinner in a coat and tie. Marco’s study mate was the first Williams wrestler to compete in the nationals.

Marco ’56 – his real name will not be used, lacrosse, football, and wresting – is now an investor living in Zug, Switzerland. His brother ’54 is an investor living in London and an ardent supporter on international tournament bridge.

Huh! Does this belong under Senior Mom’s post “When I think of Williams”?

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