In a follow-up to my previous post about the Harvard Crimson’s article, here is a link to the Williams Record’s respective article. An interesting spin with the Williams touch most of us can probably recognize.

I certainly do not miss the days of stress-competition… the memories of sleep deprived days are painful and quite frankly, not fun to remember. There is certainly a dark side to most “high-expectation” colleges. My experience reminds me of how quickly parties can become weekend binges, which can easily spiral into alcohol abuse. Dedicated studying can turn into poor sleeping habits, which can morph into ritalin dependence for that added “edge”. Etc, etc. I hope that these articles can spur conversation about students’ stress levels and how, more often than not, we’re not fine.

Hopefully the campus’ level of awareness surrounding this quest for perfection has risen as a result of the Harvard Crimson and the Williams Record articles.

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