Did The Social Network leave you yawning? Are you bored with your stale group of Facebook friends? Tired of Mark Zuckerberg’s tendency to release information you thought was private for the world to see?

Eph Austin Chang ’99 has the answer. Chang is cofounder of The Fridge, a social networking website with more flexibility to narrowcast your life than Facebook. Chang is joined at The Fridge by classmate Snehal Patel ’99, who serves as head of technology.

The Fridge has caught some recent buzz as “a really cool social network that makes it super easy to share your stuff with only the right people”:

[Chang] started the company one year ago after spending years working and teaching in the design world and working as an engineer in the first dot-com boom. Like an actual fridge, The Fridge is a place to post things for others to see . . . it acts like a social scrapbook, a place where users can create separate groups for friends, family, work, etc. Groups have an infinite shelf life, but once they are deleted they are gone forever.

The format of The Fridge is like a better organized chain email; if users aren’t a part of the discussion, their inbox isn’t inundated with crazy reply-alls. But the service does make it easy to update Fridge discussions via email if the user so chooses…

If someone is not a part of a group that you are a part of, they can’t access it. Group members can comment and like posts Facebook style as well as share individual posts with friends, groups, and on Facebook and Twitter, but mind you, outsiders will only be able to see select posts, not the entire thread of group page. One of the best features of the site, which has been redone twice since last September, is its “See All Photos” feature that simply displays all photos ever posted into a group.

Before starting The Fridge, Chang served as Vice President of Strategy and Development for MTV Networks and earned an MFA in Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design. Patel spent eight years with Starwood Hotels and Resorts, rising to be Senior Director of Web Development. It looks like they’re surrounded by a talented – and fun – team of non-Ephs as well: The Fridge crew is currently showcasing their social network at the South By Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas with a public group that anyone can check out. Selected photos reproduced below.

You can join the Fridge at http://frid.ge

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