Lee Kindlon with his father Terence, from the Albany Times-Union

At the age of 34, Lee Kindlon ’98 has assembled an impressive resume, much of it covered in previous EphBlog posts: a Mt. Greylock high school graduate, an offensive lineman at Williams who played with a broken leg to help win the epic 1997 Amherst thriller, a Marine who served with an infantry battalion in Iraq, a criminal defense attorney with high-profile murder cases under his belt. Now comes word that Kindlon, a criminal prosecutor for much of his time in the Marines, is setting his sights on again representing the people, this time as District Attorney of Albany County:

Kindlon, 34, of Delmar, a former military prosecutor in the Marines, formed a campaign committee — Friends of Lee Kindlon — for the possible run, state Board of Elections records show.

“We’re looking into me running for DA in 2012, yes,” Kindlon said in an interview Thursday. He said he filed paperwork for the exploratory campaign a few weeks ago…

Asked why he wants to consider a run for district attorney, Kindlon said he was initially content to work with his father after returning from Iraq but now has concerns that have spurred him to action.

“Over the past year or so, I have seen more and more missed opportunities on both sides — things I think the (prosecution) could do a lot better…

On his Facebook page, Kindlon adds:

As an attorney, I have taken more than 30 trials to verdict in just the past four and a half years. I contented myself with the thought that I could help shape the course of justice with each case. Twelve jurors at a time, I had the opportunity to speak to members of the community about the justice system. A few months ago, I realized I could, and should, be doing more.

I am exploring running for Albany County District Attorney. With a lot of early support, I hope, over the coming months, to meet others committed to a greater sense of justice so that the innocent walk free and the guilty are punished with an even hand.

It looks like this will be the exploratory committee website, but there’s no public content yet. On Facebook, he’s quickly adding friends — Ephs and non-Ephs alike.

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