Yes, Dave Kane’s baby is looking at two landmarks: Reaching 2 million site visits and 5 million page views!

Now, Amazon or the NYT or Hot Babes of New Brunswick, NJ may do those stats every day, but considering the small gene pool we have to start with, not bad!

So here’s the deal: Send in your prediction of the days when these landmarks will occur. If your day is right, you will be eligible for the same fantastic prizes that have been awarded to winners of the EphBlog Oscars.

Lets start with 5 million page views

Send in your prediction of the day on which 5 million page views will occur! In the all-too-likely event of ties, the earliest entries will be considered smarter.

PRIZES … PRIZES … PRIZES GALORE (that’s French for a couple) … PRIZES

( Members of the EphBlog Family of viewers with the technical knowledge and keys to the back room are not eligible: You Know Who You Are!)

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