One of the many Eph-politicians currently in public office is Chap Petersen ’90, who represents Virginia’s 34th Senate District. He is up for re-election this November. An important, very liberal/progressive, Democratic political blog here in Virginia called Blue Virginia is currently
running short profiles on each of Virginia’s Democratic state senators, who currently “control” the Virginia Senate (albeit somewhat shakily) by a count of 21-19.

Chap’s profile was published today. Among the interesting tidbits is Chap’s appreciation of marriage, which I I think is something Chap would share with at least some of our EphBlog contributors:

His greatest accomplishment
My greatest accomplishment is being married for 15 years.

Its a fun profile, but it is missing any reference to Williams. Come on Chap! We know you want to make it clear that you are a Virginian through and through, but your constituents won’t throw you out of office just because you left the state to go to college in Massachusetts. Or would they?

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