The DC-based, Eph-connected District of Pi pizza truck was able to stand up for itself yesterday when the U.S. Park Police tried to issue it a ticket yesterday. As explained by the Director of Hospitality for the company which owns the truck and reported on a local blog:

We were approached by a USPP officer who asked if we had a permit to vend at the square – I told him I wasn’t aware that we needed one, and he said we did and then asked for a vendors license and drivers license, asked if there were any ‘wants or warrants’ and informed us he would return with a $50 citation. I then saw him walk across the square and approach the Sau├ža truck, where I assume he asked the same of them, and then proceeded to his squad car. Roughly 15 minutes later, he came back across the square, apologized and told us we were all clear and that no one had informed him before then that trucks are now allowed in the square.

We were at Farragut a few weeks ago after a run at Franklin and saw the exact same thing happen, except that day, the USPP actually kicked some trucks out before they went around to remaining trucks to say the issue had been cleared up and trucks were free to operate at Farragut as long as they remained on the perimeter (as if trucks could actually park in the park).

As one of the comments to the blog post noted:

So this is what I propose the next time a Park Police offices comes up and asks for your truck permit. Just hand him a pie…and tell him it’s criminal not to try our food officer

The food truck phenomenon here in the DC area is really remarkable, and generating lots of grumpiness from traditional restaurants which can be undercut pricewise by the trucks, which presumably have lower overhead costs. All in all, there are regular complaints leveled at the trucks, which many believe originate with local restaurants. Hopefully our Eph-related pizza truck is doing well.

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