According to my arbitrary but inflexible standard, an Eph has become truly successful if and only if I hear about his/her success through a non-Williams channel. Since I am not that well-informed, this sets the bar pretty high. For example, in the world of music, truly successful Ephs include Stephen Sondheim, the Fountains of Wayne guys, Timothy Sellers of Artichoke … and, well, that was about it until yesterday, when I opened my Oasis Childrens [sic] Volume XI #1 Radio Sampler and discovered that the closing track was “Belly Buttons” by Alistair Moock ’95. This is from his latest CD, the (Williams-inspired?) A Cow Says Moock.

I don’t really know how much of a breakthrough it is for Moock to be included in this Oasis compilation. Of the 23 other featured artists, I’ve only heard of one: Lucas Miller, the “Singing Zoologist.” Nevertheless, some non-Williams judge of music quality decided that Moock was worthy of inclusion, so, in my mind, he is now truly successful. I didn’t even have to listen to the track to render this judgment, but I did — and I was pleased by what another blogger called an “ecstatic Zydeco-ish song.” Given my irrational devotion to scientific music, I’m especially glad that Moock worked a bit of reproductive physiology into his lyrics: “They connected you to your mom / So they’re kind of where you come from / That’s how she fed you through there / And that’s how she got you your air.”

Well done, Moock.

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