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From Sunday’s Berkshire Eagle

The Big 10
Companies with the greatest number of employees in Berkshire County:

1. Berkshire Health Systems  2. Williams College  3. Pittsfield Public Schools
4. General Dynamics  5. Jiminy Peak  6. Crane & Co.  7. Northern Berkshire Healthcare
8. Berkshire County Arc  9. Brien Center  10. Canyon Ranch

Sources: Berkshire Chamber of Commerce and company statements

“It’s a very interesting mix,” said Williams College economics professor Stephen C. Sheppard, referring to the top 10 list, which starts with Berkshire Health Systems (BHS). “That’s a good thing and a promising sign for us. There’s always a danger when a community has all of its eggs in one basket.”

The transition from a handful of major employers to a more diverse base isn’t unique to a largely rural area such as the Berkshires, Sheppard said.

“You do see that in other places, not just here, he said. “It’s more successful in other places. But the fact that we’re developing a diverse economy is a sign that we are recovering, that we’re making progress. I think we want to continue to move in that direction.”

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