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CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of ’15

(Video: the Springstreeters sing “I’m Feeling Good”)

As Eph ’11 pointed out on Speak Up!, admissions decisions are out. Congratulations to all those who are now considering joining the Williams College Class of 2015 — you have the opportunity to spend the next four years at the finest undergraduate institution in America.

Judging by the exclamation points in their Facebook updates, those admitted are excited. Among those with public Facebook updates to that effect (last names abbreviated):

Nathan P.:

Accepted: HARVARD, STANFORD, Colombia University, University of Pennsylvania, Williams College, University of Virginia, Hillsdale College Not so much: Yale, Princeton So, I didn’t get my favorite. But even so, I’m surprisingly NOT disappointed – just excited at what’s to come next! :-)

Sandro R.:
Williams College: Accepted :D

Nestor O.:

Got Accepted to Williams College :D

Andrew V.:

Accepted into Williams College!!!

Cody R., whose mother writes:

 I am the mother of two Ephs, Class of ’12 and ’15!!! Congratulations Cody on your admission to Williams College!

Andrew C.:

Accepted to Brown and Williams, today!

And then there’s Twitter user Kyle, Kyl3dk05, who would like to “become a character concept artist in the video game industry”:


Admitted to Williams College — definitely the best reason for an excited, all-caps tweet!