© Sunset Boulevard/Corbis, via the American Museum in Britain

Only four weeks remain until the frenzy over the British royal wedding reaches its peak with the scheduled nuptials. Invited Ephs — or those just headed to England for a glimpse of the royals passing in the streets — might consider a side trip to Bath, where they can visit the American Museum in Britain, the self-described “only museum of Americana outside the United States.”

Why spend your vacation outside the United States at a museum celebrating the United States? Because the museum is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a special Marilyn Monroe exhibition, under the supervision of museum director Richard Wendorf ’70.

Among the many items of Marilyn memorabilia on display are twenty different dresses and costumes that Monroe wore in many of her movie roles, including the red sequined gown pictured above (from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes) and the cocktail dress from Some Like it Hot in which she sang while seated atop a piano. The exhibition also includes other items, including a set of pill boxes labeled “Mrs. A. Miller” and the juicer she insisted on receiving in her divorce from the playwright.

Wendorf recently discussed the exhibition with London’s Independent:

I asked the museum’s erudite director, Richard Wendorf, what a respectable chap like him was doing dallying with Marilyn?

“I’m trying to do what is best for our museum, which is to update the collections through temporary exhibitions and entice more people to make their pilgrimage to Bath and up the hill.

Marilyn – Hollywood Icon runs through October 30 at the American Museum. For those who won’t make it to England or won’t make it to Bath, a number of the featured objects are pictured here.

Author’s Note: Although this post is titled “Curated by Ephs,” Wendorf ’70 is the director of the museum, not the exhibition curator. The exhibition is curated by Laura Beresford.

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