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College Sports Project

Interesting press release from Middlebury:

The College Sports Project (CSP) has released a third round of analyses measuring academic outcomes for athletes and non-athletes at 84 NCAA Division III colleges and universities. “The data identify subgroups of intercollegiate athletes who do as well as, and sometimes better than, their non-athlete counterparts,” said John Emerson, Charles A Dana Professor of Mathematics at Middlebury College and the study’s principal investigator. “By examining various subgroups of students, college presidents can see which students and teams are doing well academically, and which may need attention and help.”

“As past President of one of the CSP institutions, I always found these reports interesting and instructive. I’m proud of Northwestern University’s role in providing a secure locale for collecting and managing this large data set and a supportive environment for the team headed by Rachelle Brooks that has performed these valuable analyses,” said Morton Schapiro, President of Northwestern University.

The data continue to indicate relatively modest differences in grade-point averages (GPAs) between female athletes and non-athletes. In contrast, male recruited athletes generally have lower GPAs than their non-athlete counterparts.

Good stuff. There is a great senior thesis to be written using this data. You should write it!