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Swarthmore Strategic Planning

The Swarthmore Strategic Planning webpage allows comments from alumni and students.

The Swarthmore community is developing a plan for the College’s future in order to extend its proud tradition of providing an education distinguished in its academic rigor and supported by a robust and richly diverse residential experience. Swarthmore’s planning process will be guided by our core mission and values as well as a commitment to financial sustainability in our challenging economic environment. This process will be guided by a Strategic Planning Council comprised of faculty, students, staff, and alumni and will begin to be implemented in the spring of 2012. The planning effort will be inspired and influenced by the societal trends likely to shape the direction of higher education, including globalization, technology, changes in knowledge, teaching and learning, and sustainability. Community members are encouraged to share their hopes and visions of the future on this website, and in a variety of public meetings.

Good stuff! The more that you involve your community in these discussions, the more likely you are to be successful. Williams should do the same. Why don’t we?