On using a wiki for academic advising:

Not being able to find advising information via the web was a constant source of frustration for me. Knowing that certain facets of information pertained only to advisors, I started thinking about how our advising team could share its collective knowledge. An avid reader and casual editor of Wikipedia, I started looking at wikis as a way for current advisors to share information and as a living training document for new advisors. I knew that I wanted to house our wiki on an OSU server and that I needed a platform that would encourage posting/sharing.

Having used the self-hosted version of WordPress since 2004, I was exceptionally comfortable with it as a blogging platform. I had customized my site’s theme and had used WordPress to create the OSU Admissions Blog. I started tinkering with the idea of using WordPress as a wiki. The WYSIWYG editor in WordPress was fairly intuitive. New posts could easily be updated, comments could be added, and tags/categories provided an excellent way to organize data. A “private WordPress” plugin ensured that only approved users could access the site and post updates.

The “WordPress Wiki” has been in use in our office since April 2009. In order to get the wiki up and running, I conducted a half-day virtual barn raising with our staff. We filled it with interesting bits of logistical information and made a commitment to use it as our shared knowledge resource. There are currently 96 posts, 58 categories, 77 tags, and countless documents in the wiki. It has become a fantastic resource for our team.

Why doesn’t Williams do the same?

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