Sara Finkle ’14, Jen Rowe ’11, Sasha Macko ’11 and one other Williams student were arrested on Friday for “unlawful conduct and disruption of Congress.” See WSO for discussion. The AP reports:

Natalie Greene of Knoxville, a member of the protester party who was not arrested, said they were an unorganized group of young people concerned about the future of the environment.

One by one, they stood up in the visitors’ gallery and began singing songs such as the national anthem and “We Shall Overcome,” before they were taken out of the chamber by Capitol Police. As soon as speeches on the floor resumed, another protester would start singing.



1) Having the courage of your convictions is a good thing. Well done!

2) Do these students feel like the rubes they are for thinking that Obama/Democrats actually care about global warming. Recall:

Twenty-six students at the College joined 12,000 students from around the U.S. and globe at Powershift 2009 this past weekend, the nation’s largest-ever summit on climate and energy action.

The weekend consisted of a series of panels and workshops, keynote speakers including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and other prominent figures of the environmental movement, and performances by artists such as The Roots. The conference was geared toward empowering youth with the information and tools to effect change, with the ultimate goal of “letting our elected officials know, face-to-face, that we expect them to rebuild our economy and reclaim our future with bold climate and energy policy,” according to the organizers of the summit.

To achieve this end, the weekend culminated in a lobby on Capitol Hill on Monday, at which youth demanded climate and energy legislation of their representatives. “We wanted to make sure that these issues were on the table during the first 100 days of Obama’s presidency,” said Sasha Macko ’11, who organized the Williams trip through Thursday Night Group.

That failed, as this effort is doomed to fail. Obama does not really care about global warming or the efforts to fight it. If he did, he would have made it the number one priority of his Administration. Instead, he focused on health care. Nothing wrong with that choice, of course, but one of the reasons that I voted for Obama was that I new how much fun it would be to laugh at his fervent supporters as he disappointed them so thoroughly.

3) Recommended reading for both protesters and their opponents: The Monkeywrench Gang. What would you recommend?

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