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Grade Definitions at Pomona

From last fall:

In response to longstanding concerns about grade inflation at Pomona College, a faculty and student committee is developing a set of grade definitions to guide grading across the college.

The Curriculum Committee began reviewing grading practices last semester, after faculty voted in favor of a process to produce college-wide grade definitions. Pomona currently has no official grade definitions to designate what level of student performance corresponds to each letter grade.

The committee plans to submit a proposed set of definitions to a faculty vote in Spring 2011.

“Our goal is to define, as best we can, how the college wants to grade,” said Academic Affairs Commissioner John Thomason PO ’12, who represents the ASPC on the Curriculum Committee. “We want to reflect the wishes of the people that are doing the grading—the faculty—while taking all viewpoints into account.”

A good idea. Williams should do the same. Even better, Williams should copy the Princeton policy for dealing with grade inflation.