From the AEI:

Wick Sloane, a columnist for Inside Higher Education, has a provocative proposal for some of America’s most selective schools: “That Harvard, Yale and Princeton and Williams College (No. 1 liberal arts college in U.S. News) commit to enrolling by next fall as many undergraduate veterans as varsity football players.”

Sloane’s proposal stems from his second annual survey of undergraduate veteran enrollment at elite schools. The numbers are, as he says, “disgraceful.” Princeton and Williams had no veterans among their undergraduates; Yale and Harvard, only two. Dartmouth and Stanford led the pack among the elites, with 12 and 21 veteran undergrads, respectively.

Asked to comment, the universities largely ignored or dismissed Sloane’s proposal. Princeton University president Shirley Tilghman actually sent the following email in response: “You may know that the thesis of your e-mail seems based on somewhat flawed reasoning (I don’t have a diamond, so therefore I don’t like diamonds).”

I’d be curious how Tilghman would regard such reasoning from a president of, say, a Fortune 500 company with no female board members or a university sciences department with no female faculty?


1) Shirley Tilghman deserves credit for responding to Wick. Did Adam Falk?

2) The key difference is that there are many women apply to, say, science departments at Williams with, objectively, credentials that are equivalent to those of the male applicants. I doubt that the biology department, for example, provides any meaningful affirmative action for women seeking faculty positions. Moreover, there are similar numbers of men and women in the applicant pool.

But I think that the situation is very different when it comes to US veteran applicants to Williams. I think that very, very few US veterans apply to Williams and that, in general, those that do have academic credentials (mainly high school grades and standardized test scores) which are much lower than other applicants. So Williams (correctly, in my view) rejects them.

Does anyone know the details of applicants to Williams from US veterans?

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