Williams has a strong historical connection to the ACLU. Indeed, Morris Ernst (class of 1909) was instrumental in founding the organization.

A number of contemporary Ephs are also engaged in interesting work for the ACLU.  Most prominent among them is Jameel Jaffer ’94 (whose name is misspelled on our category list, alas), Deputy Legal Director of the ACLU.  He recently published two interesting editorials: one in the Los Angeles Times regarding secrecy in the context of national security, and another in the New York Times encouraging the government to honor public servants who rejected torture.

Jay Stanley ’89 is the Public Education Director of the ACLU’s Technology and Liberty Program.  He blogs about speech, privacy and technology here, and you can find his older blog posts here.

Finally, Alan Schlosser ’63 has litigated many interesting cases during his tenure as legal director of the ACLU of Northern California.  He recently published a column on OregonLive.com opining about terrorism task forces.

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