From the Record a decade ago:

Though there is no official theme housing on the Williams campus, fragmentation and separation of various types of groups within the residential system have caused the Committee on Undergraduate Life (CUL) to rethink the College’s housing system. Many houses are now tremendously unbalanced in terms of gender, race or athletic affiliation of the members, such as the largely male Tyler Annex, the largely female Spencer house and the mostly minority Dodd Annex.

”We think the campus has been balkanized into enclaves where houses have taken on ’themes’ much like in the fraternity era,” said Charles Dew, professor of history and chair of the CUL. “We tend to group ourselves by gender, by ethnicity, by athletic team. . .What we’re hearing from a lot of students is that the sense of community is not what it could be.”

Thanks to Charles Dew and other Williams faculty and administrators, Williams has gone through a decade of major changes in housing policy. The result? Almost complete failure, although, to be fair, Morty did accomplish his major goal of not allowing all the African-American students to live together, as they (mostly) did during the era of Free Agency.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution (pdf). How long before Williams implements the Kane Plan?

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