From the Washington Post:

College presidents taste life outside their offices

In his three years as president of George Washington University, Steven Knapp has tried nearly everything to bond with undergraduates.

He moved onto campus, right across the street from a freshman dorm known for its party culture. He hired a graduate student to tell him which events to attend. He helped students haul their stuff into the dorms, created a Facebook account, danced at parties, judged a pie-eating contest and drummed with a basketball player.

Still, many students thought he was boring and out of touch.

They kept comparing the quiet academic to his gregarious predecessor, Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, who worked the campus like a politician for 19 years and wrote a book called “Big Man on Campus.”

In the popular-with-students category, Adam Falk had big shoes to fill in following Morty. How has he done? My interactions with him have been wonderful, but I am just another old alum. Is Falk as accessible to, and popular with, students as Morty was?

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