Williams’ end-of-semester all-night trivia contest commences at 10 p.m. tomorrow.  [I love the quote from the website, trivia concerns something you know, but can’t remember … exactly right].  For some reason, it will be simulcast by WKMV, a radio station based in Cincinnati, Ohio:

A special note: WMKV will break music format for about 8 hours for a special broadcast at 10pm Friday May 13 until the morning of Saturday May 14 at 6am. WMKV will be the national flagship for the Williams College Trivia Challenge, now in its 35th year. WMKV will be broadcasting to the world as teams of trivia players from professionals to academia contend for the national title. WMKV joins with Cincinnati Area MENSA to host this 8 hour national trivia game. You can play from home and be one of the teams or just eavesdrop and have fun with the questions, and the music that matches the trivia questions. Join WMKV and Cincinnati Area Mensa for the national Williams Trivia Challenge on May 13 at 10pm. If you’d like to join the program as a sponsor as we showcase Greater Cincinnati and its best and brightest facets or if you just want to find out more, contact WMKV at 513-782-2427…Williams College Trivia and the national broadcast emanating from WMKV in Cincinnati May 13 from 10pm to 6am..only on WMKV 89.3FM and wmkvfm.org.

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