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Job Description for Klass’s “Deputy”

Thanks to an anonymous tipster, here (pdf) is the description for Steve Klass’s chief of staff. (Also available here, but that seems to be a glitch (?) since the position is listed as internal only.) My comments are the same as before:

Would any reader care to defend the ludicrousness of a Vice President at a tiny liberal arts college needing a chief of staff? It is absurd. And don’t forget that students in the class of 2015 will need to take out loans. That makes sense!

And why does Steve Klass need a secretary and a chief of staff. Just how much paperwork does he generate? I spent a bunch of time lurking around Hopkins Hall a few years ago. It is not that busy.

And don’t forget that Dean’s office already has three secretaries! They are all so busy that none of them have time to open Klass’s mail or keep track of his schedule?

Do the Trustees even bother to ask any hard questions during their junkets to Williamstown? I have my doubts.