A reader provided this fascinating summary of the college applications results of one elite prep school.

Click for a larger version. Per request, I won’t release the school’s name. Comments:

1) The senior class has about 120 students. More than 20% go to elite colleges! This is a common pattern among top notch high schools, whether private like Milton or public like Boston Latin.

2) Until recently, I was fairly clueless about the distribution of elite college acceptance at high schools. I thought that most high schools were like my own solid-but-not-superior Westchester public high school. Top people went to fancy schools but with a sharp drop-off after the top 5%. But that is not the way the world works. There are schools like that, but a large percentage of Williams students attend high schools like this one, places at which the top 5% all go to Harvard/Yale/Princeton/Stanford.

3) What sort of high school did you attend?

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