Considering that Williams has no journalism, media, or communications majors, nor the platform of a Division I athletics program, it is absolutely remarkable just how many Ephs have attained tremendous success in the highly competitive world of sports media.  No doubt, part of that success is attributable to the Williams Sports Information department led by Dick Quinn, which regularly employs students and highlights their work via the (I believe) unique Frank Deford and Aaron Pinsky ’06 awards.  Eph alums employed in this arena include:

  • Sports Illustrated Senior Writer Tim Layden ’78 is surely the most prominent Eph in the field.
  • Peter May ’73 covered the Celtics for over 25 years at the Boston Globe.
  • Philip Wall ’07 is a sports documentary writer/producer/director, whose recent works include The Passing Game and a highlight film for VCU’s recent Final Four appearance.
  • Sam Flood ’83 is the producer of NBC’s NHL coverage.
  • NBC Sports, in fact, employs an additional “flood” of Ephs, including Rob Hyland ’97 (who produces the Notre Dame football telecasts), Ikenna Iheoma ’10, Ben Horwitz ’09, Matt Marvin ’98, and Matt Casey ’93.
  • Jason Hehir ’98, who was given his start by Flood, runs his own production company and is a five-time Emmy winner.  Recently, he produced a fascinating documentary on the Fab Five as part of ESPN’s high-profile 30 for 30 series.
  • Mark Kossick ’97 is Director of Programming and Production for NBA Entertainment.
  • Pete McEntegert ’91 wrote The Ten Spot for years for, but is currently pursuing other ventures.
  • Naoko Funayama ’95 is NESN‘s Bruins reporter, and she’s developed a pretty mean slap shot, accordingly.
  • David Gow ’85 owns and operates the Sporting News Radio Network.
  • Topher Sabot ’99 is the editor of
  • You can read football / baseball star Darren Hartwell ’13’s contributions to, where he is currently a summer intern.
  • Christopher Clarey ’86 covers various sports for the New York Times.   Among other things, he blogs about soccer and tennis.
  • Based on Quinn’s assessment of his abilities,  it is no surprise that Lorenzo Patrick ’11 will soon be joining this august group of Ephs.  He is off to a great start, as he was recently hired to work at David Gow’s KGOW station in Houston.
  • Finally, be sure to read this fascinating article on Beth Choat ’86, who previously held several high-profile sports journalism jobs, and now works as a police officer in Las Vegas while writing young adult novels about teenage athletes.  She makes my list of top ten most interesting Eph alums, for sure!
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