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Midd Kidd

Last video of the summer (from me).

And, yes, I realize that this is not a Williams video. But it is excellent! What amazing quality. Surely we have some Williams students who could do just as well . . .


Ephlats: Come On Eileen

More Williams singing groups ought to create videos outside of their concerts. Your families and friends would love them, and so would EphBlog!



Good stuff. But how about some more recent dance videos, ideally put together with multiple camera angles?


What a Feeling

Good stuff. Forward to 2:05 to see Morty dancing.

More students should create videos like this.


Can’t Let Go of College A Capella Disorder

Still the funniest Eph video ever.


Bill Ryan ’62: My Physics Final

Great story!

For all our faculty readers: What stories will your students remember 50 years from now?

That is the last Every Person Has a Story video. Did you like them? Should the College create more?

Since readers seem to like videos, I will continue the Tuesday/Thursday schedule for the rest of the summer. Suggestions welcome!


Stuart Levy ’60 and Brother Jay (Wesleyan ’60): Trading Places

An interesting story . . .


Williams Reunion Rangers Say “Thanks!”

Not an official part of the of the Every Person Has a Story project, but uploaded by the same person on YouTube. Apparently a “Video sent to 2006 Williams College Alumni Fund Donors,” presumably via e-mail.


Tom Hayne ’59: Sleeping Outside