According to Wikipedia, Jimmy Lee ’75 “has a personal net worth of 185 million dollars in 2010.” Comments:

1) Lee (and his Eph wife) have already given generously to Williams. The richer they are, the more they have to give.

2) The Wikipedia entry provides no citation, so who knows if this is true. Then again, why would some random surfer make up such a specific number?

3) $185 million seems high to me. Lee is, of course, very rich, but I doubt that his annual income is about $30 million. In 1999 he made $12 million. Assume $15 million per year over last decade, and that is only $150 million. But don’t forget taxes! Even if you make $150 million, the government takes around 40% to 50%.

4) Then again, we don’t know what sort of investments Lee has been making over the course of his career. If he invested a lot of his compensation from the 1990s in the best private equity deals, he could easily be worth $185 million.

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