This week’s seminar will focus on the affirmative action bake sale held at Wesleyan last year.

This letter from faculty members in support of affirmative action is extremely weak.

We write in support of affirmative action as a legal policy with a specific history. On October 26th, the Cardinal Conservatives sponsored an “affirmative action bake sale” to protest affirmative action because it supposedly “perpetuates racism,” according to the group’s founder who was quoted in The Argus (“Political Bake Sal Sparks Debate,” Oct. 29, 2010). This claim is one of the most common responses to Affirmative Action. As such, it is part of a broad political backlash that misrepresents the intent behind and the historical development of the policy.

Maybe. But the professors do a horrible job of explaining anything. Read the whole letter, if you like.

These institutional commitments have been misconstrued as a system of “racial preferences” (or worse, a “racial quota” system). We support open and honest discussion and debate about such matters, but we oppose as mere race baiting any and all efforts to scapegoat people of color among the students, faculty, staff, and administration on this campus and to undermine the University’s commitment to equal opportunity and diversity.

I doubt that these professors “support open and honest discussion and debate about such matters.”

Which professors at Williams would? I can’t think of any that have publicly stated that they favor such a discussion. The costs of doing so are just too great.

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