From Inside Higher Ed:

As the midterm elections saw a handful of Tea Party-affiliated candidates vying for major offices, student clubs sprouted this fall at the University of Pennsylvania, West Virginia University, George Mason University, Brandeis University, Lynchburg College, Hampden-Sydney College, State University of New York at Stony Brook, Butte College, and Ohio State University at Newark. This according to — a website seeking to confederate the student groups under its banner.

Any Tea Party activity at Williams? Let us know! You would be welcome to post at EphBlog (as is every other student at Williams).

At Brandeis, an associate professor of American history, Jerry Cohen, says he e-mailed Perdichizzi and told her that he admired her courage after he saw she had put up Tea Party fliers. It is healthier for students who disagree with Tea Party principles to actually engage with their fellow students than to whack at straw men, he says.

“Whether it will prove to be a positive presence on campus or not, I think that overwhelmingly — and notwithstanding the habitual use of the word diversity four times per sentence coming out of the administration — there’s very little real commitment to intellectual diversity,” Cohen says.

Former Williams Trustee (and EphBlog participant) Fred Lawrence ’77 takes over as Brandeis’ president this year. I bet that he will demonstrate more of a commitment to intellectual diversity than the current president.

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