From the New York Times:

Ms. Van Heuvelen and Mr. Shoemaker met by accident, when at the beginning of college in 2001 she sent “an off-color joke,” she said, intended for her best friend, whose e-mail address was almost identical to Mr. Shoemaker’s.

“It was some sort of inappropriate joke my older brother sent me,” Ms. Van Heuvelen said. “It was sufficiently embarrassing for someone I didn’t know.”

Mr. Shoemaker was unfazed by it, and although their paths crossed a couple of times, they spoke to each other in earnest only at the start of senior year.

“She had just returned from Beijing studying Chinese, and I had just returned from Oxford,” said Mr. Shoemaker, who recalled talking to her about a half-hour while standing in the doorway of his new dorm room. They soon learned they had carrels next to each other in the library.

Remembering their conversations there, he said, “She talked to me about John Barth’s ‘The Sot-Weed Factor’ and I talked to her about Romanesque portals I studied in early medieval architecture.”

They were at the library again in February 2005, when their relationship took a turn as Mr. Shoemaker asked her out. Their dinner date, at an Italian restaurant, ended not with a kiss, but with a return to the library, to finish papers due the next day. Mr. Shoemaker also used the opportunity to ask Ms. Van Heuvelen to a dance that weekend.

After the dance, “I invited Adam over for dinner the next evening,” she said and recalled that after dinner, “as we were saying goodbye we had a goodnight kiss.”

The memory of that kiss — and the summer together that followed their graduations — would have to hold each of them a while. She left for Beijing, to study Chinese language and culture on a fellowship that would last into the following spring, and he was off to study law in Cambridge.

Congratulations to all!

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