From Inside Higher Ed:

Some professors believe Wikipedia has no place in the footnotes of a college paper. But could it have a place on the syllabus?

The Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit organization that does fund-raising and back-end support for the popular open-source encyclopedia, says yes. So do the nine professors at prominent colleges who have agreed to make creating, augmenting, and editing Wikipedia entries part of their students’ coursework.

“We’ve known for a long time that students are the fuel of Wikipedia,” said LiAnna Davis, a Wikimedia spokeswoman. “…We feel there is a place for Wikipedia in the classroom.”

Indeed. Read the whole article for details. Wikipedia should have a bigger role at Williams:

For starters, move all the Williams history material on to Wikipedia. For example, instead of maintaining our own page about Ebenezer Fitch, move that material onto the Wikipedia page devoted to Ebenezer Fitch. College Archivist Sylvia Brown is wonderful and intelligent but, like too many people at Williams, she seems to think that the more control she has, the better. Alas, the exact opposite is probably true.

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