From Ron Gallagher:

Several years ago when I was the President of the Faculty Board of Governors there was a large modern painting (cubist form? clouds?) poorly juxtaposed on the wall of the lovely great room (living room) where you enter the Alumni Center/Faculty Club.

As fate often intervenes someone (?) discovered a wonderful oil painting of a beachhead in France found in the basement of a campus dorm.

The painting was a blessed mess but upon reading the little brass plaque attached to the frame it was evident that the painting was commissioned by a father of a Williams alum to honor his son who died in France during the Great War.

With Claire Ann Oakley leading the charge The Board voted successfully to fund the restoration of the painting. The inscription on the plaque which now hangs in it’s prominent place in the Alumni Center reads:

“Presented to Zeta chapter a.d. 1918 from J.C. Nicoll as a memorial to his son Fancher Nicoll member of the the Class of 1899 who was killed in France”

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