Williams is hiring two assistant professors in psychology and two in religion. This is a misallocation of resources. Instead, Williams ought to hire 4 statistics professors.


Roughly speaking, the number of professors in a department should be proportional to student enrollment. Right now, the average professor in Statistics at Williams teaches twice as many students each year as the average professor in the vast majority of departments, including, I think, Psychology and Religion. Check out this course enrollment information for the two junior faculty in statistics:

Brianna C. Heggeseth is teaching 86 students this fall.
Wendy Wang is teaching 60 students this fall.

And their teaching loads won’t fall much, if at all, in the spring. That is nuts! It is unfair to them and unfair to the students who want a Williams-appropriate amount of interactions with their professors.

Perhaps I am misreading this data? Contrary opinions welcome!

And, more importantly, the addition of the Statistics Major will mean a dramatic increase in the enrollment of upper level classes.

Statistics is the future and the sooner that Williams adjusts its hiring to recognize this fact, the better.

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