Excellent reporting from Dartblog:

The influence of money in the admissions process has been an aspect of Dartmouth that people have wondered about for a long time. The fact that special attention is given to the children of large donors is nothing new: undergrads can confirm that proposition just by looking at the last names of many of their classmates which appear on buildings and among the members of the Board of Trustees. However, it seems that as with many other areas of the College, this arguably necessary corruption has been extended significantly in the past few years. From a tiny share of each class — say about 1% — a decade or two ago, it now appears that 4%- 5% of incoming freshman are given special admissions consideration due to large gifts to Dartmouth by their parents. In fact, longtime head of Development Carrie Pelzel used to joke aloud that her job was much easier when alumni had kids coming into the college application phase of their lives.

Read the whole thing. Comments:

1) Dartblog is excellent. It pains me to admit that they cover Dartmouth better than we cover Williams. Indeed, it is the only college blog I know of that does a better job than we do. Other candidates?

2) Williams has a similar system, as do all elite schools. Unfortunately, I don’t know nearly as much about it as I should. Does anyone? In particular, how many “spots” does Development get? Recall that there are 65 or so athletic tips in each class. If Williams were like the old Dartmouth, there would be 5 development admits. If we are like the new Dartmouth, the number would be around 25.

3) The most famous recent case of (almost certainly) development-influenced admissions involved Hollander Hall. There is a juicy story to be written about this. Why won’t the Record write it?

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