For the benefit of future historians, here is the current listing of the “Senior Staff” of Williams College.


Note that, ten years ago, the College somehow managed to muddle through without a Chief Investment Officer, a Vice President for Campus Life or a Vice President for Finance & Administration and Treasurer. How did we ever manage! Fortunately, the aggregate salary for these three individuals isn’t too much over a million dollars. So, stop your complaining about the increase in administrative bloat at Williams! It’s a bargain, I tell you, a bargain . . .

Update: In August, the Senior Staff listing included Mike Reed ’75. This was before his recent departure. Reed’s position, Vice President for Strategic Planning and Institutional Diversity, was another job that did not exist at the College 10 years ago, presumably because . . . Morty did not like black people? . . . I kid, I kid.

Summary: Just a decade ago, almost have of the current senior staff positions at Williams did not exist. The College’s constantly increasing wealth — and the natural tendencies of all bureaucracies — have led to absurd amounts of administrative bloat. Odds of Adam Falk doing anything to reign in this trend? Close to zero.

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