WSO Discussions used to be a vibrant part of the Williams Conversation. They are now dead, and have been dead since WSO’s redesign. Comments:

1) Does WSO care? It appears that non-campus (non-student?) Ephs can’t even view WSO Discussions anymore. Was that a conscious choice? This is a shame since lots of parents and alums (and not just at EphBlog!) used to enjoy reading those discussions.

2) Where have those discussions gone? One student mentioned to me that he read some debate about The Taco Six on Facebook. Is that where students have these conversations? If so, that is too bad.

3) If Williams took seriously the mission of bringing together students with different viewpoints, it would want WSO Discussions, or something like it to exist. But I doubt that the College really cares that much. Recall former Dean Roseman from 9 years ago:

To bring discussion [on racial incidents] to a more public arena, Schapiro and Roseman are hosting an open forum in Griffin at 8:30 p.m. tonight. Roseman said she felt that WSO blogs are ultimately limited in lasting value, despite the good content they sometimes contain. “They’re not really a dialogue,” she said. “They always degenerate over time.”

More tomorrow.

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