From a letter to the editor in the Eagle:

The Board of Trustees of the Becket Athenaeum wants to publicly thank Williams College for its generosity and willingness to commit staff time in making some of the furniture from its former Sawyer Library available to nonprofits and municipalities throughout Berkshire County. It’s a fine example of teamwork and community spirit.

The Becket Athenaeum — a 501(c)(3) rather than a town-owned library — was one of numerous organizations that participated. As a result, we were able to replace some of our aging furniture, much of it fragile and uncomfortable, with gently used ADA-compliant tables and chairs. Buying new or even used furniture was not an affordable option for us, so we couldn’t be more delighted with the new additions to our library. Our only expense was moving it.

Special thanks to Shaun Lennon, Tim Reisler, and JoAnne Moran at Williams for their help and patience in managing the process.

Good stuff! Kudos to all involved.

The College, alas, wastes a lot of money on local non-profits, writing big checks to the schools and hospitals that administrators/faculty use. Doing so is absurd. Alumni give Williams money to spend on Williams, not so that college officials can, inefficiently, spend money on themselves.

But donations of material and employee time (within reason) is fundamentally different. The more that the College can do this, the better. EphBlog’s motto when it comes to local charities: Be generous in time/materials and stingy in writing checks.

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