Congrats to Jon Kraft ’86, President of the Patriots, and Josh Kraft ’89 (his brother) on the Patriot’s victory last night. Professor Sam Crane explains:

What a crazy conclusion to the Super Bowl! A circus catch followed by perhaps the worst play call in the history of the game. Wow.

And it looks like both Sunzi and the Yi Jing got it wrong. But not quite. Let’s look again at what those texts suggested.

My Sunzi analysis pointed to the key match up being the Seattle offense versus the New England defense and that, indeed, is what the game came down to. At the critical moment, however, the Hawks lost sight of their strength. Instead of doing what virtually the entire country was expecting, run “beast mode” into the end zone, they threw a quick pass over the middle into traffic. Apparently, they were trying to use the clock, which seems absurd with only 20 seconds left. If that was the case they were violating a key Sunzi principle: always go for the quick victory. They had three downs, two time outs, and the best rushing offense in the game. In essence, they forgot who they were, they failed to “understand yourself,” and thus they lost.

At EphBlog, we always go for the quick victory.

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