Fireworks at Williams on Saturday night to celebrate Ephraim Williams’s 300th birthday.
(Nice video here. This was not your Uncle Harold setting off a couple of bottle rockets.) Comments:

1) All historically-minded Ephs are suspicious of celebrating on March 7th. That was not what the calendar said on the day that Ephraim was born. That day was February 24, 1714, not March 7, 1715. (Read about the changes associated with the Gregorian calendar here.)

2) We spent two weeks analyzing/critiquing the WBUR report about ever-increasing costs at Williams. A recurring complaint was WBUR’s utter failure to challenge Falk/Williams about the many luxury additions that have been made to the College. Allowing Falk to get away with the string quartet analogy was journalistic malpractice. Maybe one reason that Williams is more expensive now than it was 25 years ago is that, instead of just having a string quartet, we now have a string quartet with fireworks. Think that might add to expenses?

3) And note that this is the second fireworks show at Williams in 2015. The first was the “traditional” show at Winter Carnival — and when did this tradition start?

4) EphBlog endorses the fireworks! Williams is selling a luxury good and (excellent!) fireworks are one part of that luxury. What bothers me is the College’s hypocrisy in pretending that rising costs are beyond its control.

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