Scott Shane ’76 is an reporter for the New York Times. Comments:

1) Our Eph Brigade, Wikipedian Platoon needs to do a better job of ensuring that every Eph with a Wikipedia entry, like Shane, is tagged with the Williams College alumni category. This might be a useful project for an intern at the Alumni Office.

2) Here is a fascinating CSPAN interview with Shane.

BRIAN LAMB: Scott Shane, back in January, actually it was January 6 you said something unusual something on the front page of the New York Times were you lead the paper with not per se a new story but something you’d been working on for a long time. Would you start to fill us in on what this was about?

SCOTT SHANE: This was a very unusual story from several points of view. And one that the New York Times allowed me to write it in the first person which was actually the only way I would be able to write it because I was involved in the story, and normally I would have had to recluse myself, and they agreed to my pitch that there was an unusual story about journalism and how journalists cover sensitive national security topics and that this was the best way to tell it. Essentially it was the story of John Kiriakou, former CIA officer, who was a source for me and for any number of National Security reporters around Washington after he’d retired from the CIA and how through a lot of twists and turns he ended up being the first CIA officer to be in prison for leaking classified information to the press. Never happened before, he is now at the Federal Prison in Loretto, Pennsylvania.

Read the whole thing.

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