An alum e-mailed me this week:

I am hearing (unconfirmed) rumors that Malia Obama is on her way to Williams. Back in the day I could have confirmed this on EphBlog…

Sad part was that he did not realize that EphBlog has been up-and-running for more than 6 months. Alert the media!

A second alum mentioned the Malia rumor as well. The source for both was this story by Quentin Cohan in the Williams Alternative:

In a surprise announcement Tuesday night, Richard L. Nesbitt, Williams College Director of Admissions, said that the College had gone against its standard admissions procedure and accepted the President’s eldest daughter, who is a junior in high school, a year ahead of schedule–making her the first member of the College’s class of 2020. “Our goal every year is to create as talented and accomplished a class of 550 young men and women as we can,” Nesbitt explained, “and, though we do not normally deliberate on students before their final year of high school, there were considerations in this situation which we deemed allowed for circumventing the usual process.”

Needless to say, Malia Obama ’20 would give Williams 4 years (at least) of great publicity. Alas, as the April 1 publication date should make clear, this was a (brilliant!) April Fool’s joke. Well done Quentin Cohan!

Saddest (funniest?) part is the comments that followed the article, including some that were made after earlier comments that pointed out date/joke.

Most interesting was this comment:

I wager that none of you is old enough to remember when the daughter of Vice President Spiro Agnew was a freshman at Williams. Her father had been involved in some less than acceptable doings. The press decided to descend on the child who had just moved into her dorm space. The women in her entry united to protect her from the press– they even went so far as to LIE about her whereabouts. I’m not certain that an entire college community at a larger institution would do as much.

Likewise, there was a time when all was bleak for Shah of Iran. His children enrolled in various schools in this country: the heir apparent came to Williams and his younger sister enrolled in one of the local private schools. The children were easily protected in Williamstown and the prince was a formidable addition to the soccer team.

The Williams community is known for its cohesion and care. Some of the contributors to this thread appear to have forgotten that.

A true story? The Record should do a retrospective on Ephs from famous families and how they spent their time at Williams.

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