Interested in improving Williams? Then you should join Gargoyle. Some notes:

1) Below the break is the e-mail that went out earlier in the month. Here (doc) is more information.

2) Gargoyle provides a platform on which students committed to improving Williams can stand. Obviously, you don’t need Gargoyle to try to improve Williams. But, for good or for ill, the Gargoyle name carries weight, both with the Administration and with the Trustees.

3) Any Gargoyle member interested in trying to change policy X at Williams should network with alumni interested in policy X, especially alumni who worked on changing policy X when they were undergraduates. Such alumni are also likely to know which members of the administration/faculty/trustees are most interested in X and most sympathetic to your proposal.

And the best place to start is at EphBlog. No one (who does not work for Williams) knows more about the College then we do. And no one, including those who work for Williams, is better placed to explain to you how things really work.

To the Classes of 2016 and 2017,

I would like to encourage you to apply for the 121st Delegation of the Gargoyle Society. As a proactive group that insists on diversity of perspective, the Gargoyle Society pinpoints, discusses, and proposes solutions for specific campus problems. By facilitating direct and effective communication between faculty, staff, current students, and alumni, Gargoyle overcomes obstacles in order to achieve results. Student action continues to be the method and the goal of Gargoyle today.

To apply, please submit a self-nomination via e-mail to by Monday, April 13, at 11:59 p.m. In your self-nomination, please write an in-depth analysis of a problem that you believe the College faces, limiting your submission to a maximum of 600 words. Please refer to the attached document for more information about the application, and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Kirby Neuner
President of the 120th Delegation of the Gargoyle Society

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