Not sure if this link will work, but below is the key message.


1) The best policy would be:

The Williams Investment Office is charged with managing the endowment in order generate the most returns with the least risk, consistent with legal requirements and ethical norms. No account is taken of contemporary policy debates concerning climate change, Palestine, child labor, racial justice, or any other issue.

2) Did Eisenson really say that the “trustees want to do something big?” That would be a strange thing to say unless he and the trustees had already decided on what they wanted to do. It is also strange that the ACSR’s report would be so balanced — not endorsing divestment nearly as strongly as it could have — if major action was in the works.

3) Predictions? I don’t know. Judging by the tone of the ACSR report, and the fact that places like Harvard have strongly resisted calls for divestment, I was expecting no policy change. But Eisenson is a smart and powerful Eph. I would expect him to not even take that meeting, much less mention “something big” if the plan was to maintain the status quo.

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