An unreflective student writes:


You tell us what you hope you won’t be doing. That isn’t very interesting! Tell us what do you hope you will be doing?

Perhaps least appealing blinder common among Williams students is an inability to see your future. Do you really expect your life to be that different from the Williams students that have gone before you? Do you think that you are some special snowflake?

If you are like the thousands of Williams alumni, then your future life will center around family and career. You will marry and have children. You will have jobs you sometimes like and sometimes hate. You will have bills and mortgages.

And, in between those things, if you are smart, you will have a hobby or two. Maybe you will knit, or play golf, or go camping. To each his own!

Or maybe you will become the world expert on Williams College and share that knowledge with the world. There are worse ways to spend the time between annual reports and dance recitals . . .

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