Pownal Quarry

  This View is from the Pownal Rock Quarry. Will seems to be having a great time in Williamstown. Congratulations. I hope that you and others stick around for the summer (if you have not already?), and get a chance to live in the Berkshires during the hot summer months. Take a few road trips into Vermont. Go over into NY to catch a show at SPAC. Spend some time fishing for brookies in some of the local rivers and streams. Rock climb and check out the amazing view from the Pownal Quarry Get into the Ice House . Go swimming at the Tubs, the Hopper, Linear Park, the Dorset Quarry , the watershed, Stockbridge quarry – etc.


Enjoy it man. It really is one of the most beautiful places on this planet.

(Reposted by request. Original post, by author ptc in 2009, is available here.

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