Another great article from Ainsley O’Connell ’06.

“I’m going to give you a sun-kissed look, like you just got back from a vacation.”

Josephine, my VĂȘnsette makeup artist, holds my chin lightly as she scans my bare face. Dressed in a black smock, her dark hair pulled into a low bun, she raises none of the alarm bells (Lascivious lips! Heavy-rimmed eyes!) that the artists at department-store makeup counters tend to set off

Did I have any red carpet moments in my near future? I glanced hopefully at my calendar as Josephine applied fiber mascara to lengthen my lashes, and then handed me a mirror. Contoured cheekbones, bright eyes: She had made me feel beautiful, but the feeling began to fade as I realized I had no camera to pose for, no event to attend. Beauty, perhaps more than ever, is in the eye of the beholder-slash-Instagram follower. And as long as women seek that attention and are willing to pay for it, beauty services like VĂȘnsette will thrive.

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